Blueberry Picking

You might remember back in March we went strawberry picking. We had so much fun and the berries were so good that we went back several times to restock. Well, we’re a bit late in the game for blueberry season, apparently, as Myers’ Farm might call it a season before next week. 😦 Boo hoo. Although, as it turns out, blueberries (at least in the quantities that Will consumed–think handfuls at a time shoved and smeared all over his cheeks) are a bit too digestively advanced for his tender, toddler tummy. Too much information? Ah well. It’s one of those duties they forget to put on the job description for parents–Poop Patrol. But, I digress. Let’s just look at blueberry picking photos. Happy happy children, (almost) organic blueberries, a bucket-like box that didn’t “kuplink” or “kuplank”, but definitely “kuplunked”. ‘Huh?’, you say? Go read Robert McCloskey’s Blueberries for Sal. [rockyou id=118419832]

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3 Responses to Blueberry Picking

  1. Vickie says:

    We love love love Blueberries for Sal at our house. Also known as “Boobeddies for Sal”.

    I’m also reminded of a documentary I saw years ago about bears. As the camera zoomed in on a big pile of bear poop, the narrator says, “And notice that the blueberries pass virtually undigested.” Still makes me laugh.

  2. Mimi Russell says:

    Love the pics! Now you need to scrapbook these great photos, sister dear.

  3. Joyce says:

    I love your new place. You have lots of fancy-shmancy tricks over here at WordPress. Also love that your kids know where food comes from. I think that lesson has much underestimated value. Cole had a lemonade stand this weekend and some girl, who had to be 12 at least, heard me say that we needed to go in & make more lemonade. And her jaw dropped as she asked, “You can *make* lemonade?? HOW do you do that!?” So sad! I wanted to bring her in to help!!

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