South Carolina Aquarium

There is no doubt, people, that I am spoiled. Rotten. The South Carolina aquarium is very nice. It has many species of fish. A touch tank. A very large ocean tank with a diver show. A cute little kids’ area with local wildlife. But it’s no Shedd. I do realize I am a museum snob (among other snobberies) and I’m admitting it right here for the world to read. Chicago wins all museum comparisons. And zoos.

[rockyou id=119006400]

So, the aquarium here is very nice. And small. But, so are my kids. So, really, it worked out perfectly. Well, except that Ben wanted to see MORE fish. But we’d already seen them all. Really? I think Ben is on to the whole afternoon nap scheme I’ve had going for the last 4 years, and he’s beginning to rebel. Ah well, it was a good run while it lasted.

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3 Responses to South Carolina Aquarium

  1. Dana says:

    Ok don’t tease… please do share what the afternoon nap “scheme” consists of so I can scheme away over here… Claire is already nap-resistive, has been since just before her 3rd birthday. Waaa…

  2. gigimama says:

    Hi Dana,
    Well, the “scheme” is just that there IS an afternoon nap, sometime after lunch, often involving a ride in the car if we’ve been out doing something. I think Ben figured out that if we stopped looking at fish, that we were going to be getting back in the car and he would, most likely, fall asleep. BUT I’M NOT TIRED!!! ::zonk::

  3. pleauh says:

    I’m not overly fond of our aquarium, either. I’m totally in love with the one in Myrtle Beach, Ripley’s. It’s AWESOME! However, to get into any of them, you have to use your life savings! I was thinking the ten dollar thing this month was a good idea, till I realized that it would still cost me $50 to get in with the whole family! Igh! Personally, I don’t think this one is worth that much.

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