A Kitchen Adventure with Kale

In the spirit of getting more dark leafies into the children, I took a chance on this kale chips recipe from one of my favorite mom bloggers, Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.  I heart this blog so much.  Great information, yummy recipes, seriously funny, and haiku to boot. 

So, I’ve been tiring of spinach, our ‘go-to’ dark leafy veggie.  The children aren’t tired of it so much.  But that’s because they barely know they are eating it.   Call it sneaky.  Call it deceptive.  I don’t exactly hide the stuff, but it sure goes down easier while deftly tucked into their burgers, meatballs, scrambled eggs (a la Dr. Seuss), and of course, all sauces and soups.  So, it’s just me, the mama chef, who tires of the same old, same old.  Probably too much Food Network, I suspect.  However, I also keep reading about the nutritive wonders of kale.  If it really is one of the world’s healthiest foods, it’s worth a bit of experimentation, no?

So, here’s the kale all chopped, lubed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt.  Pretty, isn’t it?

And here are the chips after crisping up in the oven.  Looking a little less appetizing, but with a delicate texture and perfectly salty. 

And here are the happy children.  LOVING this stuff.

I, personally, was not overly impressed.  But, really?  Who cares what I think?  The children ate kale!  After his siblings had their share, Will sat and finished off the entire bowl.  Amazing stuff.

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2 Responses to A Kitchen Adventure with Kale

  1. Tracee says:

    blech. LOL at least you are trying. there is one bag of spinach in our house, leftover from a visit from my mother in law. she always brings the really gross stuff (greens!) and the really bad stuff (sugar filled treats!)

  2. Sara Coble says:

    I bought some fresh kale and plan to try it soon! (Both you & my mom believe kale is a wonder food, so how can I not?!) 😉

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