First Birthday!

I just can’t believe it has been a year since Ella Rose’s birth.  Our baby girl is nearly a toddler.  Good thing she’s still bald, it helps me remember she’s still a bitty baby yet.  She’s also not walking yet, and that’s a good thing for me.  She’s a fast crawler, but I can still keep up with her.  As long as the boys close the door to the garage.  Because if they didn’t, she might crawl right on out into the garage, through the maze of bikes, chalk, rockpiles, and garden tools and plant herself in the dirt and grass of our front lawn.  She might.  I don’t know if she would, of course, because I am a Good Mother who is always aware of my children’s whereabouts.  I would never ever get too involved in dinner prep to realize that I hadn’t heard the baby recently, lookand run around frantically OH MY GOD! WHERE IS THE BABY?? WHERE DID YOU PUT YOUR SISTER??  I would also, always believe my 2 year old when he tells me “she’s outside, Mama.” And I would not waste another 45 seconds checking the bedroom one more time because the baby wouldn’t really go outside alone.  That particular scenerio would just NEVER happen around here.  No sir.  Not this house.  Not this Mama.  Glory be and Lord have Mercy.

And, so, yes, I am quite content with the pre-walking Ella Rose.  Who is ONE YEAR OLD today.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

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One Response to First Birthday!

  1. Mimi Russell says:

    Oh my goodness, she’s so beautiful!!! The kids and I think she looks a LOT like Ben did at this age…in the face. Oh I just want to squeeze her!

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