Disney for a Day

This is a backtrack post.  We took a day trip to Disney World  back in September while in Jacksonville for Ben’s RDI re-evaluation.   I talked Mark into the trip using my powers of persuasion.  Mostly, I just explained how CHEAP this day was going to be.  “Cheap would be not going at all,”my love reminded me.  So, I revamped my plug by explaining how much cheap-ER this trip will be than all. other. trips. EVER.    Captain Frugal is intrigued.  He knows what sort of magic a bargain shopper like myself can create.  So I laid it out for him like this:

  1. Military discount tickets, non-refundable option (turned out we were also given the FL resident discount–yay.)
  2. Ella Rose and WILL are both FREE (under 3)
  3. no Orlando accommodations needed, as we were already staying at the awesome oceanfront NavyLodge in Jax
  4. one day–one park (Magic Kingdom)
  5. Our wacky diet (SCD) makes virtually all over-priced park food forbidden.  We packed our own.
  6. The kids will LOVE it.  (They did.)

As an unexpected surprise, while eating our packed lunch under a tree, a park employee approached us.  I thought “uh oh, we’re busted for bringing in our own food”  Even though I had the whole food allergy speech ready to fire, I was not looking forward to a conflict.  As it turned out, it’s the Year of a Million Dreams (or something) and he chose our little family to receive one.  Yippee!  He figures out how many are in our party, gets out his little form, then asks which “dream” item we’d like to have–

Five free popcorns?  Um, no.  (SCD illegal)

Five free ice creams?  Wah!  No.  (Really SCD illegal)

Then five free sodas?  Strike three!  So sad!

I tell him we can’t have any of those things, he shrugs and says, “you can always get water.”  And, so, we did.  It was a very hot day, and we had run through our own supply fairly quickly.  The boys got a kick out of the ‘grown up’ bottles, and I splurged and bought them Mickey straw toppers for their one souvenir.

Our only other purchase was a set of ears for Ella Rose (13 bucks!).  The grand total for the day was twenty-two dollars.  Not bad!

Less the gas money, of course.

And 12 dollars for parking.

And staying one more night at the NavyLodge.

And the stroller I bought at the resale shop to avoid the rental fee for a Disney stroller (30 bones they charge!)

And the fast food we stuffed our faces with on the ride home while the children were sacked out in their carseats…

Ah well.  So, maybe not the cheapest trip EVER.  But pretty darn close.  Pretty Darn Close.

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2 Responses to Disney for a Day

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m so jealous! We really wanna get down to Disney, but it’s so unbelievably expensive! Not to mention we’re a little farther north than you (and I don’t fly!)!

  2. Mimi Russell says:

    Sounds like you are in need of a Disney scrapbook to memorialize your day at Disney. Send me a CD with your pictures and I’ll get busy. Christmas is coming, you know.

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