Christmas Tree

We headed out to Toogoodoo Christmas Tree Farm today to cut down our annual tree for the very first time.  We had so much fun.  I think we’ve started a new tradition.  🙂


This morning when I asked what kind of tree we should look for at the farm, Will told me he wanted a blue tree.  Wanting to encourage self-discovery, I did not tell him we surely weren’t going to find a tree in his favorite color.  Instead,  I bit my tongue, smiled and nodded.  img_27891

Would you believe we found a blue one?  Will spotted it, actually.  “Mama!  It’s BLUE!”  The Carolina Sapphire is definitely bluish-green with beautiful feathery needles.  It’s a big change from our usual North Carolina Frasier Fir, but I really do love it.  And it’s exactly what Will requested.  Ha!



We each took a turn with the saw.

And then all helped drag the tree back.img_28031

Toogoodoo Farm was bustling with families and there were kids and dogs running around like they owned the place.  They did.  The farm is run by two families and I think they were all there today.

The grandpa drove the tractor that tows the “Toogoodoo Choo Choo”.  img_28111

We had a great ride with grandkids following alongside on their bikes.  They offered helpful advice when the overloaded choo choo got stuck on the trail.  “PawPaw!  That tire is stuck in the mud!” This was an exciting turn of events for the boys who were already thrilled to be on the “train”.

More excitement was found back at the Christmas shop with Toogie the Talking Christmas Tree.  Toogie is operated by one of the many resident grandchildren who gives voice to the tree over a radio speaker while peeking out the shop window.

Too cute.  img_27842

Our beautiful Carolina Sapphire blue Christmas tree has since been lighted and ornamented. Three out of four nativity scenes have been set up.  The house smells fantastic.  We’ve got the TV set to the Christmas music channel and there’s a fire in the fireplace.   Advent has arrived!

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3 Responses to Christmas Tree

  1. I love this post and esp. the photo of the two boys walking away from the camera to find their tree. It helps me live vicariously through you – my children will not get to enjoy cutting down their own christmas tree until we return to the US. You look so great in your photo – I can’t even tell you’re pregnant!

  2. gigimama says:

    LOL, Christine! I don’t look pregnant because I’m not here. This was a post from last year’s tree cutting. 🙂
    I have yet to blog about this year’s. 🙂
    I look MUCH bigger and pregnant-er now–I’m 37 weeks!

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