South Carolina Snow by way of California…

img_0005Aunt Mary sent a huge package from California.  There were plenty of cool toys within.  They were but a passing fancy stacked up next to the non-toy toy, of course.  I panicked at first when I saw the packing peanuts.  My first instinct was to not let one stray puff out of the box, close it up and hide it in the garage as quickly as possible, before anyone got any bright ideas.  Then Ben said “it’s like snow!”.  And I remembered that I, once upon a time, encouraged mess-making as a living back when I taught preschool.  So, I told my inner neat freak to take a hike, and we played in the snow!

img_0004-12In addition to the jumping, running, sliding, throwing, whooping and hollering, there were “snow plows”,

img_0013burying the baby,

img_0007and making snow angels, of course.

img_0020And then, we cleaned it all up.  Just like preschool.  La.

So, thanks Aunt Mary, for the California snow.

img_00171Oh, yes, and for the great toys, too.  🙂

Baby loves her new bed.

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2 Responses to South Carolina Snow by way of California…

  1. ann says:

    you are such a great mom. i don’t think i would’ve let them do it. i have so much to learn from you.

  2. Katie Walker says:

    Very fun! I’m the same way about those peanuts – ACK!!!! Quick, hide them before the boys start breaking them apart. But we’ve never had quite so many before either.

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