Bowling for little guys

img_0554img_0561We went bowling again yesterday.   For Will’s birthday, a few weeks ago, we went to the center just down the street.   The boys really enjoyed that, so we thought we’d try it again with my local Mom’s group.  This time, we headed to a different bowling alley that had a special room for kid’s bowling with half-length lanes and 2.5 pound balls.  On the pro side, it was cute and they had fun.   As for the negatives:

  • Ben was disappointed that the balls didn’t have finger holes and Will cried because bowling shoes were not required.  We like to be authentic.  🙂
  • The lanes were token operated,  one 2 dollar token each kid, each game.  Not cheap.
  • The computer operated game allowed 30 seconds a frame before you lost your turn.  We lost many a frame to our preschool-speed style of bowling.  Annoying to me, especially knowing the cost, but not that big a deal to the kids.
  • Due to our slower, not very powerful bowling, the balls kept getting stuck and I had to climb back near the pins several times to unstick them.  The children followed me, of course, and got a kick out of seeing the pin setter up close.

So, really, overall, the arcade-style bowling was good.  We enjoyed ourselves.  But, we’ll probably stick to real bowling next time.  img_0558

If for nothing else, the shoes.  🙂

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3 Responses to Bowling for little guys

  1. pleauh says:

    You may not have noticed, but everytime the ball came back or got stuck in the gutter, they got a foul and lost that turn, too. We, too, had a bowling party a couple weeks ago for my oldest’s birthday. He, and all his friends, loved it. The downside was that our two year old wasn’t able to bowl (although he did help Daddy push a few down the lane), but his attention span is so short that he wasn’t too bothered by the fact. I loved the idea of those bowling lanes yesterday in theory, but they didn’t quite cut it in action.

    I do think, though, that our two lanes were messed up. It didn’t seem like as many balls were coming back and getting stuck further down. Perhaps it was b/c we had the youngest bowlers? (btw, I was the one w/the two redheads and two little girls right next to you!)

  2. gigimama says:

    Hi Christi!
    Yes, our little one’s lack of strength definitely impeded the ball-return action. It seems we always have our hands full when we get together–no time to chat. Maybe next time. My boys think it’s neat your little girl has the same name as their big sister(step). 🙂

  3. pleauh says:

    Oh really? That’s cool. I remember when I came up with that name, I heard the name Karen mispronounced on the radio as Taryn, and I thought it sounded neat. Right before she was born, I ran into my aunt, and told her what I was going to name the baby. She said, “Oh, that’s nice. You know your cousin Terri (her daughter) is actually named Taryn?” What!? I was so upset. I just assumed it was a relatively rare name…only to find it not only is more common than I wanted, but also that it’s in my immediate family! Bummer! Still, though, I love the name!

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