Welcome Casey!

boys-and-caseyWe welcomed a new furry family member to our household this week.  Casey is our new dog.  She’s a four year old yellow lab who came to us via craigslist.  Her owner was reluctantly looking for a new home for her.  He is newly married and poor Casey does not get along with the new wife’s toy poodle.  We’re thrilled to have her, though.  She’s an awesome dog so far–well mannered, affectionate, playful, and gentle.  She has responded very well to learning the ‘house rules’ and is loved to bits by the boys.   Ella Rose is taking her time warming up to Casey’s wet nose and generous “kisses”.  She enjoys her mostly from a distance right now.

These photos were taken yesterday.   We seem to have caught a spring cold and all the kids had a fever.  Will was pretty warm when these were taken.


img_1199And, yes, that’s her *on* the bed.  With Will being sick and so snuggly with her, I didn’t have the heart to make her get off.  I may regret this decision later.  So be it.  Sick kid trumps dog hair-ed quilt.

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