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img_1188My Friend T.J.

We saw T.J. and he came over.  And he was on the swing.  T.J. ran in the house.  He is my friend.  T.J.’s racecar has a broken wheel.  We played soccer.

The End.

by Ben

**notice the actual figures in Ben’s drawing.  This is a FIRST!

img_1189The Bunny

We saw a bunny next to our house.  Mama put a blanket in a basket.  We still have it.  And he runs away.  And he run away to the pond to find his mama.  His mama is a bunny.

The End.

by Will

**Will drew a rainbow and a bunny figure after watching his brother make his figure-filled illustration.


Casey is our new dog.  She is happy.  She’s not sad anymore.  She makes a smile and licks people.  She eats food and she drinks water.  She barks.  Casey has a tail.  She misses her owner.  She sniffs people and the baby, Ella Rose.  And me.  And me, too.  We love her and we hug her.

The End.

a collaborative effort by Ben and Will

illustrated by Ben

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