Horse Show


Ben’s a winner!

We participated with the exceptional rider’s group at a local horse show today.   Tall Pines Horse Show in not-too-far-away Reevesville, SC provides a slot for Enchanted Acres’ group to show their stuff.  Ben on Spot, along with the rest of the group, rode around the ring a couple times, then lined up in the middle of the arena for the ribbon presentation.  Each exceptional rider received a “champion” ribbon for participating.  You can see how much Ben loved this.  The next show won’t be until the Fall.  We can’t wait to see how much more Ben can do by then.  Yaaahoooo!


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3 Responses to Horse Show

  1. Shelli Quenga says:

    Kelly forwarded the link to me – LOVE your boy and the pics tell the story so well. I’m not sure who enjoys it more — us or Ben!

  2. Patty says:

    I’m so proud of Ben. Congrats to you & Spot!

    Aunt Patty

  3. Congrats ben…sooo young yet with horse riding skillz that surpass mine!…yikes…when am I finally gonna go on my first horse ride?? arrrrggghh….If Ben did it, so can I… congrats…nice1

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