Lesson 4: He trots??

I have no photos from this therapuetic horseback riding lesson lesson, but it needs to be documented.   It has been just 3 hours in as many weeks since Ben’s first initial freak-out over getting up on a horse.  He has progressed much faster than any of us ever anticipated.  After riding around the ring several times.  Ben decided he’d like to try going a little bit faster.  The next fastest gait after walking is called the trot.   It’s like a fast walk or jog that can be pretty bouncy for a brand new rider during his THIRD time up on a horse.   Ben LOVED trotting.  The bouncing one-two pattern of the gait made him giggle uncontrollably.  It was infectious and we were all laughing together chanting “trot trot trot trot…”.  How amazing is that??

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