Winter Garden

We planted a Winter garden this year.  It would have been a Fall garden if I’d gotten my act together earlier than October, but ah well.  Next year.  We started with seeds,  no plants this time and crossed our fingers.  The kids picked out pumpkins, beans, peas, beets, carrots and chard.  Yes, chard.  To be honest, I didn’t expect much, but they all eventually sprouted and grew.  The plants got bigger much more slowly than in the summer and I was sure the few cold nights we have would kill off anything before we could harvest it.  We didn’t spend much time weeding or tending to the plants as I hated to build up hopes of veggies that were never to be.  And then last week, out of the corner of my eye while getting errant buckets and shovels back into the sand(less) box, I spotted it.  A pea pod!  Upon closer inspection, rounding of the troops, excited squeals, and thorough searching, we found LOTS of peapods.  Very very exciting!!  They were gone before ever even leaving the beds, and were consumed so quickly that I’m lucky I got the photos I did.  There really isn’t anything quite like eating something you’ve grown yourself.  The carrots and beets look small but promising.  The chard is small, but tasty.  The pumpkins and beans don’t look quite like they’re going to make it, but I won’t write them off just yet.   As for my three small gardeners?   Hope springs eternal, of course.

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