The Birth of Brooklyn Marie

Our child arrived just the other day.  She came to the world in the usual way…

I won’t get all weird and mess up the beautiful lyrics of Harry Chapin in order to fit our story, but I am stuck on the line that describes birth as “the usual way”.   It certainly feels that way this fourth time around.  I, in no way, mean to diminish the miracle of our little angel’s arrival, but instead add to the collection of stories that represent the un-dramatic, run-of-the-mill, normal, natural, unhindered births that comprise the majority of all births since time immemorial.  The story is simple and straightforward, the ending the same as most.  The details aren’t that significant–the duration, the timing, the “numbers”.  There was the onset of labor, there was laboring, and then there was birth.  To spell it all out and explain or dramatize every moment doesn’t seem right to me this time around.  It was just a birth.  It was just how it should be.  God’s plan.  There was no intervention, no paid professional to direct or “guide” me.  Just a mama mammal left alone to listen to her body and respond.   There is way too much to compete with to attempt to normalize birth within our current media filled, fear based birth culture.  And yet, I submit our humble story as another example for those who seek them.  I also document this story for my children, who can add this to their very real, irreplaceable memories of participating in their sister’s entry into our world.  As they clamored around the tub, jockeying for position, asking questions, and making comments, they were given a gift that no dramatized TV birth can take away–firsthand knowledge that birth is normal, natural, joyful, and full of peace.   Brooklyn Marie is truly a peaceful baby.  She is happiest, though, when she is surrounded by her family.  She finds it difficult to fall asleep if it is “too” quiet.  Her siblings adore her and she gazes at each of them so intently when they hold or talk to her.  When her Daddy holds her, she often seems to “melt” right into his arms.  Her attachment to all of us is clear and strong.  The significance of being surrounded by the loving arms of your family, and *only* those familiar loved ones upon your arrival Earthside is apparent to us.  We are utterly blessed.  In the most usual of ways.

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1 Response to The Birth of Brooklyn Marie

  1. Laurie says:

    Congratulations, Gigi, to you and your whole beautiful family! Newborn Brooklyn looks so sweet and plugged in to you all.

    Apologies for the late reaction. I was away when she was born so missed any announcements you may have made. I’m so happy for you and your family!!

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