Still here

There’s nothing like a new baby to speed up the hands of time.  Brooklyn is five months old now and still the happiest baby ever.  She is a dedicated thumb sucker, and I have to admit, it’s fantastic.  No binkie to drop in the dirt, forget to bring along, or fumble around to find in the dark.  I never intended any of my kids to use a pacifier, but I simply cannot handle screaming infants while driving in the car.  If it weren’t for binkies, we would have never gone anywhere, at least for the first year.  Our Brookie doesn’t have any problems at all traveling, so far.  She just pops in her thumb and puts herself to sleep.  Same for naps.  I love it.

Ella Rose is two and three quarters years old.  She is *wide open*:   full of spirit, love, eagerness, adventure, and a little bit of vinegar.  Fearless in the swimming pool, cautious on her trike, she can scream nearly as long and loud as any horror movie actress or oppressed two-year-old you’ve met.  She has a unique relationship with each of her siblings and is, without a doubt, Daddy’s girl.  She challenges me to reach for depths of patience I did not know existed before.  I’ll admit, I often fail, but she is a persistent teacher and doesn’t, er, won’t let me quit.

Will is four and a half.  Wow, did I just say that?  He is crazy curious about the world and loves to explore.  His favorite question is “why?” and will drive you insane with the asking.   “Making stuff”, crafting, and using tools (art, office, or hardware) are favorite activities.  True to his artist’s heart, he appears to work best amidst clutter and chaos.  In this area, he is a determined creator, despite my nagging encouragement otherwise to ‘clean as you go’ or ‘put one thing away before you start another’.

Ben is six.  He is currently interested in yoga and likes to practice along with a DVD we own.  He also continues to enjoy reading, playing computer games, and pretend playing with his brother and sister.  Like his sister, swimming is a favorite activity.  We continue to support Ben’s learning and development through home education and RDI and see steady gains in neural connectivity.

Our “big girls” are doing well, too.  Taryn graduated from high school last month and Sheridan *finally* received a kidney transplant in May.  They both work at the local burger joint part-time.  Sheridan still rides her horse and plans to compete/show at the Fair this August.  Taryn will be attending community college in the Fall.   Although it’s a challenge to accommodate everyone’s schedule,  we hope to have them visit soon!

Mark and I keep plugging away at this Parenting gig.  So far, it’s been the best job I’ve ever had.  Harder than any work I’ve ever done, but hands down, no contest, the most rewarding.  We are so so blessed.

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4 Responses to Still here

  1. Laura says:

    So gland to see you post again! And with such gorgeous pictures of your kids! Love it. xoxo, Laura

  2. Mimi says:

    Yay! Still need more pictures, but was very glad to see these few. Love that Brookie sucks her thumb, it’s so cute. Not sure how I survived with my girls, they didn’t do binkies or thumbs. Jack, of course, had the binkie for long enough to make up for all 4 of them though! 🙂 Love you, miss you, keep looking for a house for me to rent!!!

  3. Joyce says:

    Hi there! Thought I’d check your blog- haven’t looked in months. Surprise! Another baby! I love your previous post, you are so nonchalant! All the best to you and your beautiful growing family….

  4. Sheridan says:

    My transplant was in April. 🙂

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