B is for “BOO”

Will loves to make stuff.

He also loves holidays.  We’ve had the most fantastically decorated house this year, thanks to his efforts.  I’m documenting a bit of the construction paper madness we’ve had around here the last month, along with a few other creations.  My favorites are the crayon drawings and writing–such perfect examples of emerging literacy, and an embodiment of the understanding of empathic communication.  We write for others to read and understand, to inform, to warn, to express emotion, to entertain.  Writing and drawing are ultimately about sharing a part of yourself with others.

I, like many others,  claim to write this blog for myself.   And that’s partly true.  Putting thoughts to words and thinking about my thinking (meta cognition) is a great exercise in self-awareness.  Mindfulness is an exquisitely human trait and as a person created in His image, I believe it’s my responsibility to practice.  Through all this practice, I hope to extend outward and be mindful in my parenting and relationships with others.  Which, ultimately, is what it’s all about, right?  So, there you go.  Someday I know my children will read these words, too.  So, in a way, this is direct communication with them.  Listen up, kids, my love for you is infinite.

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1 Response to B is for “BOO”

  1. Christine says:

    I love this post, Gigi. Yes, blogging is a form of mindfulness, if we approach it the right way.

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