D is for DiaperFree!

My parental learning curve took a sharp left when I first decided I might want to consider a natural birth during my first pregnancy.  And wow, what a world of wackos!  And also, amazing, smart, grounded women who knew things and shared about things I didn’t think existed anymore–cloth diapers, family beds, “elimination communication”.  Um, what?

I like to think of it as “Freedom from Diapers.”

My babies use the toilet or potty and wear underwear from birth.  It sounds crazy in our modern, disposable Western culture,  but it’s actually how most of the world handles the business end of their babies.   Others have written about it much more eloquently than I, so I will not recreate the wheel here.  I’ll just offer up some adorable “proof” that it is indeed possible to take a different route–that there are always other choices available if you’re open to the possibilities.



Ella Rose


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