Um, what?

Kids Say the Darndest Things List

  • Will likes to gasp, “Ho-yee, Mo-lee!” and quip “Are you kidding me?” 7-08
  • Ben, out of nowhere, says to me while I’m buckling him in his carseat, “Mama, you smell like jelly beans.” 7-08
  • Ella Rose has begun to sign. Favorites are “airplane”, “bye bye”, and occasionally “potty”. 7-08
  • She also will make a kissing noise when she hears the word ‘kiss’. 7-08
  • While watching “Toy Story” with Ben, he comments as the toy soldiers parachute down from the balcony, “hot air balloons”. I counter with “parachutes”. “Parachutes, ” he repeats, “kind of like hot air balloons.” 8-08
  • Ben is all questions lately. Born from genuine curiosity, and always referring to something new, it’s a HUGE development. “Mama, what’s this called?” “Mama, what’s this thing?” “Mama, can I smell it?” 8-08
  • Will has taken to calling Mark “Mark” instead of “Daddy”. It cracks me up every time. 8-08
  • Ben:  “Mama, what are those things?” (pointing to the small illustrated characters on Will’s ‘Toy Story’ tee-shirt)

Me:  “Which things?”

    Ben:  “Those things with the three eyes.  Islands.”

Me:  3-eyed islands, 3-eyed islands…”OH, ALIENS.” (8-08)

  • Me:  “Ben is first.  You are second, and Ella Rose is third.”

Will:  “Yes.  Ella Rose is a bird.”

Me:  “No, not a bird, third.”

Will:  Nodding in agreement, “Ella is a third bird.” (8-08)

  • Will exclaims excitedly while pointing to the Fruit of the Loom tag in his underpants, “Mama, dere’s veg-e-tables in my unghies!”  (10-08)
  • Ella Rose now says “uh oh”, “dada”, “mama”, “thank you”, and most recently “no” (in imitation, so far, thank goodness).  She also says “ooh ahh ahh” for ‘monkey’ and “moo” for ‘cow’. (10-08)
  • Ben asks me what a written word in his book says.  “Gogliotti” I respond.  “That’s Grandma and Papa’s name.  Papa’s long name is Mike Gogliotti.  Grandma’s long name is Kathy Gogliotti.  My name used to be Gigi Gogliotti.”  Will asks what Daddy’s long name is and I tell him “Mark Kayser.”  “Mark Kayser Gogliotti, ” Ben corrects.  😉

4 Responses to Um, what?

  1. Mimi Russell says:

    I love it, great idea to keep all these on a separate page!!

  2. Kathy says:

    Kyle told me last week that our washing machine was smoking. Turns out it was our dishwasher and it was drying!

  3. I loved reading this. I could go on forever. Kids are just full of wonder. ❤
    Congratulations on the new baby, by the way :))
    I have two kids, (4.5 and 6,) and I adore you for sounding so peaceful and serene with your bunch. 🙂


  4. TotallyTawn says:

    Hi Gigi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award 🙂 Check it out:

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